EPFC Movie Monday Intro

For posterity and lack of trust in Facebook, I'll be archiving the things I post for my curating of the Echo Park Film Center's Marvelous Movie Mondays for December 2013.

Happy new month, all. It's time to welcome another guest curator into the MARVELOUS MOVIE MONDAYS!! fold, a new visiting cinemaker who will take us on a month-long ride through some great online works that will stretch our spirits and minds, all from the comfort of the EPFC facebook page. Please join us in welcoming the one, the only...


Simon is an artist, researcher, and educator in South Carolina. He's been getting pretty good at describing his own work in the third person so it seems like someone else crafted such a thoughtful narrative arc to his life and work. This is a curious thing that artists often insist on doing. Maybe because there are so many artists in the world that only the most revered, the most darling, or the most dead have someone else act as their historians. Once an artist invokes the distancing device of the third person, it is difficult to move gracefully into the first person where we really belong, but here I am nonetheless.

Most of my recent art-work has been screen-based and performative, which is to say that they are cinematic in the way that they interface with audiences, but the presentation is created live at the time of the screening. For example, there was the time I took apart the classic film "Nanook of the North" and remixed it live into a narrative of environmental catastrophe called TIA MAK. Or when I joined forced with with the sublime composer Dan Visconti to co-create "Glitchscape," a live motion picture performed with a full orchestra.

At the end of the day I think I am trying to make sense of human systems. "Systems" in the most basic sense from the Greek, meaning "standing together" That sense-making, that feeling of lost-ness and digging our way out with some understanding is important to me. That feeling weighs heavily in wintertime, and this December I want to share a few pieces from artists I admire, whose work reflects a bit of sunlight into those crevasses.

And finally, in that spirit of figuring things out, I will share with you here one film of my own that I am particularly happy with. It is called GIRI CHIT, and you can watch it here.