Empire Strikes Back Uncut

What a joy to be able to participate in an affectionate remake of one of the greatest a films ever made. Star Wars: Uncut was such a delightful, loving endeavor, but I wasn't able to take part, so when The Empire Strikes Back: Uncut was announced, I jumped on a scene with Yoda to remake with my son.

Caspar pretty much directed the whole scene and played the role of Luke. I handled the puppetry of Sock playing Yoda. Each scene that gets remade is 15 seconds long, and can't have any of the music from the original film, since that's going to get mixed in later with all the scenes together. So the result here is a very spartan scene. We wanted to keep it simple, have it be about the characters and acting, and infuse it with an almost Winnie-the-Pooh quality of a kid's imagination playing in his room with stuff he has laying around.

Hope part of it makes it to the final version.