Bosch Glitch 3-Death of the Reprobate

Written at T-minus five days

I only had a few scenes ready to show drafts, it was a pretty significant affair just finding high enough resolution images of Bosch's work from which I can pull characters.

Found out that the rear screen will not be 12' x 22', but actually 12' x 15'. That's quite a different aspect ratio, and I'll need to rebuild the compositions from the ground up, since instead of a long rectangle-shaped screen, it will actually be almost square.

Many of my cues are wrong. Not sure why. My notes say that there is a sequence of deformed faces in judgment during scene 8, but that's not even close. We see those judges show up very early, in scene 2.

Not a lot of time for major changes and corrections. Hope there are not many (any) more. I'm often wrong about that.