Bosch Glitch 2-Curio of Folly

Written at T-minus one week.

Attended my first rehearsal today, sat in for one and a half run-throughs. Marked all the cue points on my script.

It's the story of the life of Hieronymous Bosch, framed with sequences of imagined judgment for heresy. His wife runs off one of his apprentices to join a colony of Adamites, the Plague decimates the town, and his world collapses. Very black humor, twisted imagery, and sexual intrigue. Fun, because it stuff I like, but I don't do in my own work.

There are two screens, both 12 feet high and 22 feet wide, and those are for me. One is the rear screen and it will stretch across the back of the whole stage, actors and scenes will be in front of it. The second screen will (get this) stretch in front of the whole stage. It will be a translucent scrim that the audience will see through until I project images onto it. The few times I've seen this in practice, the scrim retracts when not in use, but as I understand it, this scrim will be there the entire time... weird. I wonder if that'd piss off the actors. Now that I have those measurements, I can ubild the compositions so that they will fit the screens exactly.

The projections are generally written into the script, but I've been told by the director to go off as I like as long as I stay true to the spirit. Generally, the projections come alive during sequences when Bosch is interrogated and tortured by the Church and visions of his dead brother. Also, there are a few flight-of-fancy monologues where Bosch sort of explains where his imagery comes from.

Similar to the work I did with New Islands Archipelago, the projections are completely non-real as they relate to the diegesis, primarily illustrative of the internal conditions of the characters, maybe seeming out in extreme circumstances. Now to fire up After Effects.