Bosch Glitch 1B—The Conjurer

It's afternoon now that it's no longer morning (here's my morning post).

Noon. It's so hard to know what will look good projected huge in the dark on a who-knows-how-bright projector based on the super-pristine image on my screen. How much should I weather the image? Will it be too much on stage? First motion test looks like crap. I don't really want it to look like paint, but, I don't want it to look like a bigass video coexisting with people in the middle ages.

1pm. Have a working draft of the backgruond vision of hell, and I'm rendering a draft of the foreground of tongues of fire. There are going to be two projections... one full-stage projection behind the actors, and then a full stage partial scrim in from of the actors. Projecting in from of the actors freaks me out a little, because the projector you use has to have really good blacks, or else you cast this wierd haze over everything (or you'll need a dowser, but but I don't know if there will be any available. My sense is that they'll be getting what projectors that they can, the theater doesn't have a stash like the last theater I worked (3LD). Render finished (8 cores for the win)... I'm totally happy with the way the tongues of fire look. More on that later.

Now I need to isolate some of the creatures that will appear as Bosch describes them. Again, need to be subtle. Don't want to have obvious cutouts of demons from Bosch paintings flying around randomly, that'd look idiotic. I want to illustrate what the thought process might have looked like BEFORE it resolved itself into something like The Garden of Earthly Delights.

4:30pm. OMG lizards. Painting lizards. Lots of lizards. Now monsters. Getting a little loopy from staring at the screen. Stopped for a little bit to make dinner. Hope I don't have any important emails, cuz I'm not gonna check it for a while.