BLU RED BLU on Amazon

Something new up on Amazon—BLU RED BLU, a remastered compilation of short films that use red/blue anaglyphic glasses to smush your brain around while you watch. 

You can stream it for free with an Amazon Prime Subscription, and you can also buy it to be part of your permanent digital library. For an enhanced experience, you can get an inexpensive pair of red/blue anaglyphic 3D glasses (some suggestions are here).

Thank SO MUCH for all of you who have been watching the films on Amazon, it's clear that this is making it way easier for folks to watch my work, especially in a home theater/tv environment, and I'm really glad people are into that.

If I could humbly ask you to leave a review on Amazon, that really helps people find my work and decide to give it a shot if they aren't already familiar with it.

More stuff still coming!