A Surrogate for Love and Acceptance

Last week I posted my first music for sale since I was in a folk band in college, in my usual "I'll just leave this here" fashion. The idea was this: put out a cycle of three electronic songs, called "Home Movies of Global Capital," sell them for a little money to raise funds for the production of my current movie, Ignis Fatuus.

First—holy crap people are buying it even though they can hear the songs for free! Thank you! Second—someone suggested that maybe I ought to say what I want the money for, how much is my goal, what will I do when I meet the goal? So, I'll kind of do that here. Sort of.

I'm making a film called Ignis Fatuus, you can read all about that here. There's some sample images, and hints at what it's going to be about. It is an experimental film. It has no script. It has non-fictional elements, but is not a documentary. It is funded mostly by personal finances. I have received some generous grant funds that paid for my trip to Normandy for principal cinematography. However, with a film like this, most of the funds to pay for it come afterwards from selling the movie in various forms (discs, tickets to screenings, rentals and streaming deals).

Things that I would like to try to fund in advance, however, include: rail travel to and from Pennsylvania to South Carolina for more filming, actors (heaven help me there are going to be performances), and the big one... setting up the initial streaming deals and disc pressings. That last bit can be a bit expensive to make sure it can be purchased in all the ways that people want to buy high definition movies (iTunes, Amazon VOD, and Blu-ray). Not "as much as a new house" expensive, but "as much as a good used car" expensive. And since I have an aversion to debt, I'd prefer to have as much of that paid off in advance as I can. Thus, the idea to sell these songs.

Why not do a Kickstarter? Several reasons. Trends seem to indicate that crowdfunding for films are not looking great unless you're already wealthy and don't actually need the Kickstarter, the crowdfunding ends up merely being successful PR. I did it once, I wasn't surprised that it didn't hit it's goal (though it got close), but I was surprised at how bad the entire process made me feel, for reasons I may write about someday.

So, all I can really ever do is what I believe in. Make a thing that some (but probably not all) people would want. Find those people and sell it to them. Work within those means. The Jonathan Coulton method.

So in that spirit, I present once again Home Movies of Global Capital. Music I made, which I am selling, in order to catapult Ignis Fatuus into orbit. 

And as a surrogate for love and acceptance.

KIDDING. Probably. Neither of us will really know for sure unless you buy it.

Home Movies of Global Capital

Home Movies of Global Capital is a 16-minute cycle of three songs. The proceeds from the sales of this music will be used to fund the production of the film Ignis Fatuus. Are the two projects related? I won't say right now, but I'll tell you that the image in the album art is in the film.

After your purchase, you will receive a link to download a zip file, which will contain three 256kbps MP3 files, suitable for iTunes or whatever you'd like to use.

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