Bloggy McBloggerson

My new intern, Rachel, is great. I've had a lot of luck with undergraduate interns this year... Cecil, Matt, Brian, Danielle. Each has made production easier in one way or another. Typically, I'm not very good at delegating, assigning tasks that have meaning is more difficult than you'd think. It's immoral on one hand to assign menial tasks (coffee, etc), and it's immoral in a different way to actually USE interns as primary labor. So, the trick is figuring out meaningful work that is not a.) trivial, debasing the concept of an internship or b.) exploitative, devaluing the market price of a job that should have been paid in the first place. Hello, my old friend pedagogy.

(interesting aside--I'm a professor, but I'm also a licensed business, so when I take interns I do not grade them, I merely evaluate them as an employer and someone else grades them)

Rachel has been interning with me on New Islands Archipelago, moving from Columbia, SC to NYC to work and adventure. Her rotoscoping work (using Adobe After Effects CS5's new rotobrush) appears in the show's last shot. She picked up the rudiments of After Effects in about a day, and soon met up with the Great Conundrum. That is, the amount of time you bang your head against something does not correlate to how good it ends up. The corellary to the Great Conundrum being: rotoscoping sucks. After Effect's rotobrush is pretty great however, particularly if you have eight 64-bit processors and 16GB of RAM. It's a bit of a dog on an old MacBook Pro, though.

The point is, I'm trying to blog better, because Rachel's an excellent blogger, a regular Bloggy McBloggerson. At least I think she is. I read her first couple posts, then stopped. They were excellent, but I didn't want to potentially affect what she writes, not that she'd alter things knowing I was reading. Anyway. She's been diligent and I'd like to be that diligent.