New Islands Erupting

We're a week into the run for New Islands Archipelago! I'm not sure how actors do it night after night, because I'm exhausted. And exhilarated. Focusing on a live show every single night is completely addicting.

The word of mouth has been tremendous, the feed back has been sending me into fits of euphoria. We've had two reviews published so far: NYTheatre and the CT Post. I like any review that calls my particular contribution "wonderful." I also like "visceral, illogical beauty."

My favorite part has been friends from a decade ago or last month showing up and surprising me in the booth. I can't tell you all how happy it makes me to see you all.

Come by, see a hilarious show, and we'll get together afterwards! Hope to see you soon!

(use the promo code TBCC when you order tickets to get $5 off)

addendum: I also sound intelligent in this piece. I was worried about it, but now I'm not.