Chinese Diet Food

I had dinner with the family down on Battery Park before tonight's show, at a place called Liberty View. A well-reviewed Chinese joint with a view of, big surprise, the Statue of Liberty. The big deal about this place is that they have traditional Chinese food, as well as the typical Americanized fare. Now, I've eaten some weird stuff in my life, very little of which I regret (mixed organ meats in Little Korea come to mind). But this stuff was pretty tame looking to me. Pork intestine. Frog. I ordered stewed pork with tofu dumplings because it sounded interesting.

A few minutes later the waiter came back to talk me out of it. He explained that the pork has some skin on it and is fatty and no one likes it. OK, maybe I'll switch. I order the salt fish and chicken. Beat. He walks off, then returns again.

The salt fish is really salty. Yes, I gathered that from the "salt fish" moniker. No really, it's not really very good, it's a Chinese diet food and just tastes really salty.

This man does not want me to learn their secrets, and I no longer want to dig them up. I go for the shredded pork in some bullshit spicy sauce. It's ok. With an assload of green peppers. Here's the thing. I'll eat almost anything in the world at least once, but I'll never understand why anyone would eat a green pepper on purpose. It fucks up the taste of everything it's cooked in (except filé gumbo) because IT'S AN UNRIPE BERRY. You picked it too soon and now it sucks. Way to go. The view of the water was nice.