New Islands Archipelago

I'm taking a break as the computer renders to send out info for New Yorkers and folks who may be in the city who may want to see a crazy new play for which I'm designing video...

I'm working with the Talking Band theater company on a piece that opens May 20 called NEW ISLANDS ARCHIPELAGO, an experimental musical comedy set on a cruise ship. That line doesn't do it justice. Let me try again.

Before the Captain in  NEW ISLANDS ARCHIPELAGO metamorphoses into a grand sea creature and rescues the guests from the sinking... wait, that gives away too much. How about:

You typically don't hear great show tunes about roasting small children over an open fire, but NEW ISLANDS ARCHIPELAGO breaks these... um... maybe I shouldn't start with that.

Never mind. Just come see it. Directions and ticket information are at the play's website... if you get your tix before May 19, you get a $10 discount. And since you know me, you're an insider, and insiders can use the coupon code TBCC to get $5 off anytime.

Hope you can make it! (sneak pics coming up soon!)