Bore Square

I really gave Foursquare a try, since when a social media (when I first wrote this, my phone autocorrected to "soul media"!) thing looks stupid on the surface, there's often some value somewhere. It's probably decent in a place as dense as NYC or LA, if there's significant buy-in or a chance at actual deals from vendors.

My big Foursquare milestones, are you ready?

I am currently the mayor of the Columbia Jewish Day School, because everyone else there is under fifth grade or is teaching under-fifth-graders. I thought of becoming the mayor of my office, but that struck me as being more sad than funny. I also had many opportunities to check in at Edna's #1 Hot Dogs, which is near where I live, but I thought that it would be cruel to Edna to keep showing up without buying anything. Except I'm pretty sure Edna's this 80 year old African American lady who could give a shit.