Great Dubble8 tracks that happen to be free

Dubble8 did the music for an epic VJ battle that I had with Art Jones one night in Ithaca. It was tremendous, and now he's putting material out there for people for free.

He says:
"i keep trying to get the word out about this source for a wide swath of my musical projects (at various creative stages) that i'm trying to share with people over the internet. the notices i put up tend to get buried quickly (on facebook and twitter) so i'm not getting as many listens/downloads as i'd like. i would like to see people sampling from my audio or using more of my tracks in videos (given proper credit whenever possible). in my sound class at MICA i'm having my students upload their projects to alonetone and then, for at least one project, to sample from other student work that's up on the site and use it in new ways. seems like some great possibilities are there."
Highly recommended!