Privilege Blues

It must feel so good. Think of the children, create more jobs. The planet's just fine, don't listen to them. The world's going to pieces, and it's everyone else's fault. I've got mine. 

I could join them. It'd be so easy. I look like them. They confide in me when they don't know me, I can speak all their codes. Less taxes. More testing. Secure our borders. Personal responsibility. Teach the controversy. Law and order.

I'd blend in effortlessly. Every single advantage, I've got them. Why not just take it all? It's right there. I could breathe easy, my guy will always be mostly in power, I'd never be in danger of losing it all. Nothing to change, no one to convince. 

Why not relax? I could vote a straight reactionary ticket tomorrow and it would have no effect on my life at all. And isn't that what privilege feels like? To take the easiest, shortest path and be rewarded as though you climbed a mountain?

Persecuted Juggernauts

Gamergaters demand to be seen simultaneously as a 70-million-strong market force, too big for the industry to ignore, and as a persecuted minority. They warn advertisers it’s “racist” and “sexist” when a gaming site dares to point out that most angry gamers are young, white, and male. At the same time, they argue that angry, young, white males are those sites’ “target audience,” and writers offend them at their own risk.
— Jay Hathaway, Gawker

First, good on Jay Hawker and Gawker for being the latest to call bullshit. Second, anyone notice the toxic anti-pattern? There are so many of us you can't deny majority will to impose our specific sharia on everyone, so stop persecuting us!